Since I lost my son Christopher in 2006 – I have to say the majority of Media whether it be TV – Radio – Press – Awards have mostly supported my work and the reasons why I do what I do with RASS. Occasionally sadly there have been instances where the respect sadly is not there – I find this sad and disrespectful. However the good reports and support from some amazing Journalists and TV Representatives too many to mention over so many years has been amazing caring supportive and I would like to Honour those people who without their awareness raising maybe even more lives would have been lost.

I would like to sincerely thank the following.

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The inspirational Debbie Turnbull – Special Achievement Award

British Swimming

This is SHOCKING, in 2012 of all years. New research by the ASA and Kellogg’s shows A THIRD of children leave Primary School unable to swim. Of those children unable to swim, NEARLY 40% have never been offered school swimming lessons despite it being a statutory element of the National Curriculum. Please watch this video and spread it across Facebook to help create pressure for this to change. — at UK. Taken from the British Swimming Facebook Site


APSP Swim Ambassador Celebrates National Water Safety Month Swim lessons help minority children break cycle

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Sadly – My first report of a terrible needless accident once again in 2012 – The weather is just becoming a little warmer but with such terrible rainfall all our river levels have risen – Once again lack of education and knowledge prevails. Whenever there has been a deluge of heavy rainfall in any area where there is a river the water levels rise and cause waterfalls to be more powerful and the currents to be stronger. Signage I feel is the way to go on a National basis in and around our rivers and waterways. I also feel that people who have boats for hire should also offer lifejackets or indeed insist on people wearing them. REMEMBER !! You CANNOT SEE how strong the current is beneath.

My heart goes out to this family x x x


River And Sea Sense in the Media

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