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A future without drowning: The UK Drowning Prevention …


On this page we have set up some links to websites that give valuable information on Water Safety for parents, children, teens, teachers, lifeguards.

All Wales Drowning Prevention Strategy 2021 – https://www.nationalwatersafety.org.uk/wales/wales-drowning-prevention-strategy/

Since Christopher drowned there have been remarkable innovations regarding water safety education both from our own emergency services and organisations who have set their own projects up due to either their own family drowning tragedy or that of another family.  It was over time deemed important to have a standard education practise and deliver and guidelines to adhere with goals to work towards – The All Wales Drowning Prevention Strategy – was developed and Launched in December 2020 and I as RASS am so incredibly proud to have been a part of this.

2016-2026 The UK Drowning Prevention Strategy A future without drowning: Collaboration is essential if we are to succeed in reducing drownings. www.nationalwatersafety.org.uk  


Water Safety Code: Pdf File

Have fun and stay safe!! http://www.rnss.co.uk/pdf/The%20Water%20Safety%20Code.pdf

‘Teen Health ‘contains basic  water safety info and some good points for all teens, children and parents. http://kidshealth.org/teen/safety/safebasics/water_safety.html

Also Teen Health has a Facebook Page that you can interact with, post on the wall, and ask questions.


Water Safety Advice from the Fire Service http://www.fireservice.co.uk/safety/watersafety.php

ROSPA Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents http://www.rospa.com/leisuresafety/adviceandinformation/watersafety/


Water Safety International

Water Safety International (WSI), an independent centre of excellence in water safety procedures and operations. Specializing in water based safety, rescue and training, with personal watercraft (PWC/Jetski™), applying continually used and implememted field based exeperience, not just ‘training based’ training. WSI is a culmination of knowledge gained from working and training in, and around the world from Hawaii, Australia, Europe to Wales.



RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) https://rnli.org

The RNLI’s site for young people is crammed full of exciting activities and games, from seeing how fit you have to be to become a lifeguard, to working out how to successfully launch a massive lifeboat and rescue people using your skills and knowledge



Safe Watersports

SafeWaterSports contains over 80 articles written by experts who continually update and add new content.


The Royal Life Saving Society

The Royal Life Saving Society UK is a registered charity with a vision ‘To safeguard lives in, on and near water’.


Safe Travel

Questionnaire : Do your kids know basic water safety…?


Water -Skiers Safety Code

Safety is the key to enjoying waterskiing. Understand and live up to the Water-Skier’s Safety Code:


Children’s Water Safety

Free Children’s Water Safety Advice references include printable fact sheets, quizzes, lesson plans and children’s water safety colouring pages to educate both youngsters and adults about the risks of drowning both at home (e.g. in a pond or bath) or away from home (e.g. in a river, canal, lake or in the sea) and the benefits of learning the Water Safety Code i.e. Spot The Dangers …. Take Safety Advice …. Don’t Go Alone …. Learn How To Help.



Water safety


The Spirit Of Dark And Lonely Water (Public Information Film 1973)


Stay Safe … Stay Out of Quarries


Mom Warns Other About Dangers of Swimming In Quarries After Son Died


Mixed messages from families


Rip Currents How To Survive


Stanleys Water Safety Code for young children


Be Water Smart At The Beach Aussie


Quarry Safety



Mother Debbie Turnbull’s appeal to young


One Last Breath Campaign


One Last Breath (contains scenes you may find upsetting)





Charlie Crow Stay Out Of Quarries 2


Charlie Crow Stay Out Of Quarries 1


RNLI The Breath Test


Drowning Animation


Cold Water Shock in Controlled Pool Shows Responses


Cold Water Shock animation explanatory


Child Drowning ages 1 to 5 Facts


Be Water Smart